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Ignazio Bozzo

Ignazio Bozzo

Physiotherapist/Osteopath – Lasalle

Graduated in physiotherapist at McGill University in 1979. He began his career in Edmonton Alberta. Wanting to gain knowledge in administration, he completed an MBA at Concordia University in 1984. He worked several years in the field of health before returning to physiotherapy.

1992 was the birth of his first office, CPI Lasalle. The goal was, and still is, to provide the most appropriate physical therapy and to treat the person, not the symptoms. That is to say, the first course of treatment is manual therapy; machine, heat and ice are secondary.

In 1995 a second office opened its doors in Dorval.

Ignazio was always interested to expand his knowledge base. He took several courses in manual therapy.

In 2007 Ignazio obtained his diploma in osteopathy from Osteopathy Centre of Quebec.

Since then, he practises a comprehensive approach, evaluating the total body condition, not just the symptoms.

He has a diversified practice that caters to adults, children, pregnant women, athletes. He treats various conditions ranging from orthopedic problems (back pain, sciatica …), sports injuries (sprains, muscle tears, fractures …), and headaches to digestive troubles (reflux, constipation …).

He is dedicated to providing the most competent, comprehensive and effective treatments to give your body the necessary mobility at all levels in the briefest time.

He has recently become certified to use the BIO-Flex Laser therapy, which can treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, whether they are recent or chronic conditions., with astounding success.

Today he sees patients in both the Dorval and Lasalle offices. He is fluently bilingual and speaks Italian.

He is a licensed member of the Quebec Order of Physiotherapists and Ostéopathie Québec.

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M T W T F Member OPPQ Member Ostéopathie Québec Bilingual Italian

“Je suis une cliente de la Clinique Physio Impact depuis janvier 2013. J’ai remarqué une amélioration de ma condition physique depuis que M. Ignazio Bozzo, physiothérapeute-ostéopathe, traite mon problème du nerf sciatique. Étant très satisfaite de ses services, je n’hésite pas à la recommander aux gens de mon entourage.”


“Je consulte M. Bozzo depuis quelques temps pour douleur au dos. Je suis très satisfaite de son approche professionnel et très compétent. Après un traitement je me sens vraiment très bien. Ce que j’apprécie également c’est qu’il n’exagère pas dans sa façon de fixer des rencontres. Souvent 2-3 séances suffisent pour nous rétablir complètement. Naturellement, il faut faire les exercices suggérés.”


“The osteopathy services at CPI are extremely professional and well performed. Ignazio Bozzo is greatly informative and understanding of my pain. I would recommend his services to anyone. I feel like I’m in good hands when I am in need of his osteopathic services.”


“I have been a client of Mr. Bozzo for many years. He always fixes the problem of my back when it flares up. I have referred many friends and family members, and all have been very satisfied. I would not go see any other osteopath.”

Sylvie Bordua

Sylvie Bordua

Physiotherapist – Dorval

Sylvie is a graduate of the University of Montreal in physiotherapy. An experienced professional, Sylvie worked in hospitals for many years in geriatrics. She has been with Clinique Physio Impact since 2001.

Sylvie has a base in osteopathy and physical education. These skill sets are included in the traditional manual therapy approach and McKenzie method. She excels in the teaching of the appropriate exercises for various pathologies.

Given her extensive experience, Sylvie adapts very well to a variety of customers, from youth to seniors, all with empathy and professionalism.

Sylvie works Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. She is bilingual.

She is a licensed member of Quebec Order of Physiotherapists.

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M T T Member OPPQ Bilingual
Pascale Brandi

Pascale Brandi

Osteopath – Lasalle

Pascale graduated in 2010 from l’Institut Supérieur d’Ostéopathie d’Aix en Provence, France after completing the 5 year full time program. She opened her own private clinic in France. For the next 3 years, she treated a diverse clientele from the newborn, children,pregnant women, athletes, and all age adults.

Pascale uses diverse techniques : functional, structural, fascial, visceral, cranial, and muscular. The goal is to adapt the techniques to the patient’s individual needs in order to return to an overall healthy harmony without pain.

Pascale works Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She is bilingual.

She is a licensed member of Quebec Association of Osteopaths.

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M W Member OPPQ Bilingual
Alexandrine Brisson-Larouche

Alexandrine Brisson-Larouche

Kinesiologist/student of Osteopathy – Dorval

Alexandrine is completing her degree in Osteopathy at Centre Ostéopathique du Québec. She is passionate about her vocation. She treats a general clientèle.

Previously, she completed the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from McGill (2013). Alexandrine is also certified to teach group exercise classes. She taught spinning at Centre Claude Robillard for three years.

Alexandrine works Tuesday and Thursday. She is fluently bilingual. She treats private osteopathy patients. She is a licensed member of RITMA. Great West, Green Shield, and Manuvie insurances do not reimburse RITMA receipts for students of osteopathy.

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T T Member RIMA Bilingual

“Très professionnelle et prend le temps de bien comprendre d’où vient la douleur. J’ai réglé mes problèmes de dos en deux traitements. Vraiment satisfait. Merci!”


“Service de qualité aussi professionnel que chaleureux!”

Richard Hamelin

Richard Hamelin

Physiotherapist/Osteopath – Lasalle

  • Graduated from McGill University (BSc) in Physiotherapy in 1986
  • Complete 6 year course in osteopathy at Collège Ostéopathique du Québec in 2005
  • Follows Professional Continuing Education annually
  • Clientele: mostly adult and school age children
  • Interest: chronic pain, back pain, tendinitis / bursitis / shoulder capsulitis, headaches
  • Approach to Treatment: combines techniques specific to the global approach, in addition to the emphasis on breathing
  • Speaks French, English
  • New patients upon referral only

Richard works Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

He is a licensed member of Quebec Order of Physiotherapists and Ostéopathie Québec.

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M W F Member OPPQ Member Ostéopathie Québec
Veronique Martineau

Veronique Martineau

Osteopath – Lasalle

It is as a physical therapist that Veronique began her career in health care in 2003. Led by her passion for health and sport, she continued her studies in Exercise Physiology at the University of Ottawa, where she obtained her Bachelor in 2007 and Certification as Exercise Physiologist (CSEP).

Desiring to further her knowledge and field of expertise, she began the training in osteopathy at Collège d’Études d’Ostéopathie (CEO) in 2008, which was completed in May 2013.

Véronique has been working at Clinique Physio Impact since July 2009. Being very versatile, she meets the needs of a diverse clientele: musculoskeletal problems, athletic injuries, geriatrics, pregnancy, babies, and jaw problems. With a BA in Exercise Physiology and experience as a former athlete, Véronique offers rehabilitation services using specialized exercise programs tailored to your needs.

Véronique works Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. She is fluently bilingual.

She is a licensed member of Ostéopathie Québec.

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M W T Member Ostéopathie Québec Bilingual
Josée Ménard

Josée Ménard

Physiotherapist/Osteopath – Lasalle

She graduated in physiotherapy from the University of Montreal (B.Sc. 1991) and graduated in osteopathy from Osteopathic Centre of Quebec (DO 2001).

Throughout her career, she has taken numerous post-graduate courses in orthopedics, gynecology, pelvic floor rehabilitation, pediatrics, vestibular rehabilitation, and others.

Having such paramedical knowledge and experience, she is highly qualified to successfully treat and advise a diverse clientele of all ages and all fitness levels. She is a dynamic, empathetic professional. She has been with Physio Impact since 1993.

She works Tuesday and Thursday. She is fluently bilingual.

She is a licensed member of Quebec Order of Physiotherapists and Ostéopathie Québec.

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T T Member OPPQ Member Ostéopathie Québec Bilingual Since 1993

“Josée Ménard est une ostéopathe et physiothérapeute hors pair. Grace à son expertise et son expérience, elle a su alléger mes douleurs chroniques à la hanche. Elle s’adapte très bien à la situation, et ajuste ses traitements aux besoins des gens. Son écoute, son soutien et ses suggestions sont très appréciées.

Je vous recommande fortement Josée Ménard, elle saura vous aider!

Merci Josée! P.S. L’accueil est exceptionnel.”


“Je profite de l’occasion pour dire que Josée Ménard est une professionnelle extra-ordinaire, très compétente, et doué d’un grand savoir. Elle a déjà fait beaucoup pour ma qualité de vie et elle contribue à la maintenir. Josée Ménard est une personne empathique et d’une rare bonté. Un très gros merci!! Je n’hésite pas à la recommander dans mon milieu!”


“Josée Ménard est une ostéopathe de talent qui offre un suivi de grande qualité. Elle a une vue d’ensemble quand elle approche les problèmes, ce qui lui permet de traiter efficacement la source et non seulement les symptômes.”


” I always feel leaving so much better. I don’t understand how it works, but it does, wonderfully! Thank you so much Josée!”

Sandrine Savoie Ouimet

Sandrine Savoie Ouimet

Physical Rehabilitation Therapist
Student of Osteopathy

Sandrine graduated as a physical rehabilitation therapist (PRT) in May 2015. During three years, she devoted her time to the physical and mental improvement of dozens of people through fitness training. Now, she treats patients at CPI, focusing her practice on the value of physical fitness so her patients can be at the center of their own success.

In the meantime, Sandrine continues to enrich her knowledge at the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques (CEO) de Montréal. With this training, she hopes to broaden her credentials by becoming a certified osteopath.

From Monday to Friday, Sandrine works with people injured in a road accident (SAAQ) or suffering from a work injury (CNESST). She is bilingual. She is also a member of OPPQ.

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M T W T F Member OPPQ Bilingual
Svitlana Ovechko

Svitlana Ovechko

Physiotherapist - Lasalle

Svitlana is a qualified physiotherapist since 2001. Her professional career started in Morocco where she was the owner of a physiotherapy clinic for 5 years. The clients treated suffered orthopedic, neurological and traumatological problems. That experience was very rewarding on the professional and personal level.

Upon arriving in Canada, Svitlana did refresher training for TRP which gave her the possibility to keep on working in this domain. To become a physiotherapist in the order of the OPPQ, she finished the qualification training in physiotherapy at the University of Montreal. To perfect the level, she did the perineal pelvic rehabilitation training, sports taping and massage therapy.

Svitlana speaks Ukrainian, Russian, French, and English fluently. She currently treats mostly orthopedic and pelvic rehabilitation cases. Her patients appreciate her vast knowledge, empathy, and individualized treatments. She continues to advance in manual therapy and perineal pelvic rehabilitation levels.

Svitlana has been with CPI since 2014. She works from Monday to Thursday. She is a licensed member of OPPQ.

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M T W T Member OPPQ Bilingual Ukranian Russian